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Become a certified SOMMELIER AIS

sommelier-gruppoABS ALCE BOLOGNA  – (top quality accredited italian language school), in collaboration with AIS (Associaziona Italiana  Sommelier, founded in Milan on July 7, 1965, officially recognised and legally acknowledged by the Italian government on April 6, 1973) organizes and delivers professional  courses to achieve the official “Diploma of SOMMELIER AIS”. These courses are based on modern sommelier training,  and are run using teaching methods sensitive to evolving  changes in the international world of wine tasting.

The Diploma / Certificate of Sommelier AIS is achieved by progressing through the course, divided into three steps.  At the end of  each level, international candidates must pass the final exam in order to progress to the next level.  At the third level, they  must pass the final test in order to become officially certified SOMMELIER AIS

The whole course  (3 levels plus final examination) lasts 16 weeks.

The programme it is opened to  a maximum of 15 candidates.

3 yearly starting date:

•  Winter session: February
•  Spring session: May
•  Autumn session: September

Wine tasting classes

wine-tasting-gruppoThe wine tasting lessons are given by a professional wine expert SOMMELIER,  who will take you on a tour designed to broaden your knowledge regarding one of Italy’s most typical and traditional  products, namely the wine.

Not only will you learn the theory of wine but, above all, how to taste wine and how to match it with various foods. The course may finish with a visit to a wine-cellar where you can learn about various processes used to turn a bunch of grapes into a bottle of wine.

Some subjects:

•        Wine Making in Italy
•        Production Regions and their difference
•        How does Soil and Weather influence Wine
•        The Wine Tradition in Italy and its merge with modern production techniques
•        The sensory examination and evaluation of wine / tasting stages
•        Approach to terminology which is used to describe the range of perceived flavors, aromas and general characteristics of a wine

NEW: From October 2015, classes are  held in our state-of-the-art fully equipped WINE TASTING ROOM