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ABC cook in Italy | Alce Bologna Cucina

Experience the excellence in the most important gastronomic centre of Emilia

chef-chinatoHands on cooking classes with our professional Chefs right in the heart of the Italian Food Valley: Emilia Romagna.

These  classes  are  designed  to  show  you  the secrets  of  Italian cuisine. Secrets that  spring from   the   diverse   histories   of   the country’s various places,  all  of  which  boast  numerous regional and local specialties.  Qualified  chefs  will  help  you  prepare superb dishes, step  by  step.

The  basic  techniques are  learned  ‘over  the  stove‘  and  at  the table and  at  the  end  of  each  session  there  is  the  opportunity to  taste exquisitecombinations of food and wine.

The whole  process  is  then  summarised  in  a cookbook for you to take away, which lists the  techniques you have used and developed.

NEW: From October 2015, classes are held in our  state-of-the-art fully equipped professional kitchen (with  twelve individual workstations,  a complete roster of utensils and appliances, and …a magnificent view on the famous Bologna roofs).

Our cooking lessons

You can register for a cooking class choosing from our varied selection of Traditional receipts. Among the others,  this is just a sample list of the range of courses  available at ABC, Alce Bologna Cucina:

  • Bread and “Focacce”
  • Starters
  • Pasta and rice dishes
  • Soups
  • Meat dishes
  • Fish dishes
  • Vegetables and side dishes
  • Sauces and Picked in oil
  • Jams and canned fruits
  • Desserts

“Menu oriented” courses are available too; some samples:

  • Gluten free
  • Traditional
  • Mediterranean
  • Regional
  • For children
  • Natural and vegetarian

Culinary culture and the high professionalism of our chefs ensure a complete learning experience behind the burner. Participants can follow every step of the preparation of a recipe, from the food design on the plate to the final tasting, which takes place at the chef’s table in a relaxed atmosphere with other participants of the
course, with each person discussing and commenting on the final results.riso-zucca

Type and content of cousine courses

pesce-pomodoriTAILOR MADE PROGRAMMES: “Just you and the Chef”

  • One-to-one classes: individual tuition
  • Two-to-one: same personalization for 2 students booking together


  • minimum 3, maximum 12 students per class
  • 1 or 2 weeks and 3 classes  per week (each session of 3 hours)
  • 2 starting date every month | 3 starting dates on June, July, September
  • can be combined with our wine tasting course
  • courses  taught by professional chefs in our fully equipped state-of-the-art kitchen
  • final Lunch or dinner, with  local wine
  • personal insurance | ALCE apron | digital cookbook with Italian recipes

WEEK END AND SPECIAL COURSES ! “Cook on top of the roofs”

  • Friday night: “Chef cousine”
  • Saturday and Sunday: “menu oriented classes”
  • Monday morning: “menu Gourmet” (for “advanced” learners)


Basic Techniques and Fundamentals;  Meat, Fish, Fruits and Vegetables cooking Techniques; Introduction to Sensory Analysis; Fundamentals of HACCP; Fundamentals of Nutrition

  • Module 1 | 7 classes (3 hours each): “ABC – the first steps”
  • Module 2 | 3 classes (3 hours each): “dolcezza  – the basic pastry”
  • Module 3 | 7 classes (3 hours each): “one jump ahead”

Closed groups and courses for companies

  • pre arranged and scheduled classes for groups (3 to 20)
  • language translators available (English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Japaneese, Portuguese, Chinese)