Tailor made programmes

Tailor made programmes

“Just you and the Chef”


This is the most customized option.  The programme is  completely based on your individual needs and adapts immediately to take account of the developments you have made. Experience has shown us that this type of course guarantees the very best results and progress. Both the  content and timing of this course can be adapted to suit the student’s requirements.  Suggested to those who wish to perfect their cooking abilities in a  brief period and with a full immersion.



If two people are interested in taking lessons together, the two-to-one option offers a great opportunity in both financial and learning terms.[12px]1%20class%20%2F%203%20hours,[12px]2%20classes%20%2F%206%20hours,[12px]3%20classes%20%2F%209%20hours|%E2%82%AC%20175%2C00,%E2%82%AC%20160%2C00,%E2%82%AC%20150%2C00Prices are per person and per lesson

AGSI card: € 10,00